Story of the Grillcube

People often put much effort into grilling meat to perfection. Yet many still use chemicals to light the charcoal. This shadows much of their great grilling skills.

It’s quite understandable. Cooking your meal is enjoyable activity. Lighting the charcoal without chemicals – just wasn’t. There simply did not exist any quick and easy ways to grill naturally.

Grillcube caught us with its simple, yet brilliant design.

The idea of Grillcube is part of the natural progression of things. Mobile phones lost their antennae, cars lost their crank handles, and now you don’t need annoying fire starters for grilling.

We love the pure taste and smell of chemical-free meat. We are sure you like it as well. That’s why we’re working hard to make sure Grillcube could reach to all grill parties.

The Company

Grillcube is developed and produced in Estonia.

Estonia is a small Northern European country where half of the land is covered with forests and where the nature is pure and wild. When we created the concept of Grillcube, we were inspired by the beautiful nature around us.

Our headquarters is in Tartu. While its a second largerst city in Estonia, its also a calm and peaceful university town. Grillcube is manufactured in a Northern Estonian.

The Crew

The Grillcube brand was created by two friends and grilling enthusiasts.