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Grillcube in a Road Movie

21. Dec 2012 · · Määratlemata @fr · Comments Off on Grillcube in a Road Movie

A very talented young Estonian film director Andzei Matsukevits took a couple of friends, a minigrill and a case of Grillcubes and hit the road. Destination: Montenegro by the Mediterranean sea. On the road he greated a short road movie with some stunning scenes. The short movie have gotten a terrific feedback from our fans.

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Trendhunters found the trace

21. Dec 2012 · · Määratlemata @fr · Comments Off on Trendhunters found the trace

The beginning of the grilling season has made the hunters alert. But this time they are not searching for food to grill. Instead they have found the trace leading to Grillcubes and we have good news to them – hunting of Grillcubes is totally permitted and no license is required. You can found their traces.

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Grillcube under silver shine

21. Dec 2012 · · Määratlemata @fr · Comments Off on Grillcube under silver shine

Last night all crazy creative young entrepreneurs headed to Tallinn as the Estonian biggest business competition Ajujaht was holding its final gala.  The smiles were blinding and the spirits were high and top 3 was announced. Grillcube was honoured to recieve the 2nd place and a huge cheque  (don’t let Vahur fool you with his.

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Good ideas spread fast

21. Dec 2012 · · Määratlemata @fr · Comments Off on Good ideas spread fast

We are glad to see that people in Estonia are not the only ones who like their grill perfect every time with no mess and no chemicals. Last two weeks Grillcube has been the topic on many websites abroad. Three of them featuring cool new things –, and – all agree that charcoal.

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